Daria Pajak – Bowler’s New Website

Daria Pajak – PWBA Bowler

Daria Pajak is a PWBA professional bowler from Pila, Poland. 2017 was her breakthrough year as she won her first major title – The Greater Detroit Open, finished runner up in the US Women’s Open and won the coveted Rookie of The Year award.

After searching youtube videos one night looking for bowling, (a sport I have always loved to play and watch, beginning when I worked in a bowling centre at the age of 20) I discovered Daria playing in Detroit, winning the tournament from seed 4 (meaning she’d need to win 3 matches for the title in the final). She seemed to achieve this with ease and with a joy and humility seldom seen in the seriousness of professional sport. Her speech at the end where she paid respect to her opponent and former college roommate, Britain’s Verity Crawley, brought a tear to many an eye of those watching.

At this point I decided to see if Daria was contactable through social media and whether she had a website. I found her through her Facebook page and sent a message asking if she’d ever considered a website as she seemed very competent with social media and a website would be another string to her online bow. I wasn’t really expecting a reply or if I was it was likely to be a ‘no but thanks’ so I forgot about it and went to bed.

Daria Pajak - PWBA BowlerTo my surprise, the next day I discovered Daria had replied and was interested in having her own website/blog to promote her tournaments, events and public appearances. After a little to-ing and fro-ing, we finally both found the time to speak and start to put the website together. She is very easy to work with and the project flowed from start to finish.

The site is now live and has proved instantly popular, receiving over 2000 visits in the first 5 days. Together we have made the site quite interactive – you can subscribe to the site and receive notifications by email whenever something is added, you can upload pictures of you and Daria should you have ever got a selfie together and shortly you’ll be able to contact Daria directly through a coaching page for tips on technique, which ball to use and how to improve your game.

Both Daria and I are very pleased with the site and as well as being a great high profile customer for Webtex Web Design, I hope that the site brings her more of a following online and helps her in her career. We wish her every success in the future and will be supporting her in all her competitions from the UK.

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