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Choosing Your WordPress Theme

When it comes to choosing your wordpress theme, there are several factors you should think about.

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). This effectively means you can use it as a tool to design, build and edit your site via the help of your web designer/developer. It is ideal for a website that you want to have built for you so it looks and feels professional but would like to make content changes to yourself, for example, adding a weekly blog or adding new images or content to an existing website page.

The first step to getting your website up and running on WordPress is to liaise with your designer about the layout and colours you want to use. You may have something in mind, something that matches your existing brand or you may not quite know what you want. Whichever position you are in, WordPress makes it easy. There are literally thousands of layouts (themes) to choose from, all of which can be adapted to your specific requirements.


WordPress themes can be searched on Google to give you control of the look of your website.

If, you were for example, to search ‘free wordpress themes’ you would get a result like this:

Webtexweb Design - Choosing Your WordPress Theme.

Themes can be free or you can purchase the pro version for more functionality and editing options. The pro versions can be relatively inexpensive ranging from anything from as little as $10 up to around $150+. In most cases a free theme is sufficient.

Responsive WordPress Websites

Most WordPress themes are responsive, which means they work on all devices without loss of content, content that is too small to read or see or content that is off screen horizontally.


Most of our websites are built using WordPress, for examples, please view our portfolio.

For prices or to discuss choosing your wordpress theme, please call on 07743 125218 or use our contact form

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